Exodus 15

“Well, I guess that settles it. We’re not going back to Egypt any time soon. Boy, that Moses sure knows how to burn bridges.”

People make a big to-do over Moses’ parting of the Sea of Reeds (NOT the Red Sea!), but maybe as much should be made over his closing it back up, not only to truncate Pharaoh’s feverish pursuit of his runaway slaves, but also to prevent the people of Israel from changing their minds and attempting to return.

Crazy as it may sound, that is exactly what these former slaves kept thinking about. Again and again, as crises arose for the Israelites, forcing them to face the realities of freedom, they reminisce about the past. The Israelites look longingly to the former days of enslavement, which is exactly why God had to get them kicked out. They had to leave on such a sour note that no return was feasible.

Sometimes the only condition under which men will move forward is when there is no going back.

©2020 Joel Picard