Genesis 2

“I’m glad I wrote this down because I’m never going to remember all of these names. Let’s see…there were…what did we call those…giraffes? Bears. Those offal tossing beasts…what did we say…chimpanzees? And…Whooaa! What is that?! I mean…she looks like me…but…she doesn’t.”

The naming of the animals, 2×2 perhaps, illustrates for Adam the compatability of the sexes so that when he beholds the woman, he sees his perfect mate. The ideal symmetry between man and woman is promoted as the proper balance between individuality and community. The two shall become one flesh. Even as God is plural and singular; three and one, so also does humanity bear the marks of multiplicity and unity. Human beings are meant to live together in mutually supportive manner.

©2020 Joel Picard