Genesis 3

“Oh that’s just great.  That’s real helpful.  By all means, feel free to criticize.  I admit it, it’s not my best work.  I was running short on time so I stitched a couple of fig leaves together.  I admit, I’m not perfect.  But let’s talk about your part.  I didn’t see you jumping up to make us any garments!  In fact, what have you done lately?  Yeah, I suppose you cooked dinner.  And that turned out real great too, didn’t it?  Nice fruit dish!  ‘It’s a new recipe,’ you say.  ‘I’ve never seen that fruit before,’ I say.  Oh…it’s good.  Eat it.  Brilliant.  Just brilliant.  Now look at us–a couple of near naked savages slinking around in the woods.”

Sin immediately produces blame and accusation, turning the man and the woman against one another in an adversarial relationship.

©2020 Joel Picard