Introduction to Bible Trading Cards

Once upon a time there was a college graduate. And the college graduate had a degree in art education. But somehow, after college, the graduate couldn’t seem to find where he fit in in the world; he was adrift. And so, he embarked on a journey to find his calling in life. And along this journey, he began to explore something that had played an important role in his family when he was growing up, but to which he hadn’t given a lot of thought since leaving home: religion. Somewhere along this path, he decided to read the book sacred to the faith of his childhood: the Bible.

Reading the Bible changed the trajectory of the college graduate’s life. Captivated by the spectacular and fantastic stories of the Old and New Testaments, the graduate decided that he wanted to learn more about this sacred book. And that is how the graduate ended up enrolled in seminary.

Half expecting that at some point he would be told that he was not “preacher material,” the college-graduate-turned-seminary student figured he would get as much out of his seminary education as he could before he was asked to leave. Some might say miraculously, in the four years this seminary student devoted to studying God’s word, no one ever told him that he needed to find another calling in life. And so, in 1997, the seminary student found himself an ordained minister.

But the ordained minister never stopped loving art, education, and the sensational stories of the Bible. Over the years he used his talent and schooling in these areas to enhance the ministries of the churches he served. One of the ways he did this was through his “Bible Trading Cards,” a humble art project which he undertook as much to amuse himself as to educate and entertain the people of his parish.

The ordained minister’s wife always wished that he would share these cards with more people. She had been known to give them away as thank you gifts, send them out as greeting cards, and to leave them around town in conspicuous places. The ordained minister was always embarrassed by this, as he did not think his little cards were all that great. But she disagreed.

And now, she wants to share them with anyone and everyone on the internet who enjoys humor,–albeit sometimes macabre (those Old Testament stories can be gruesome!)–appreciates Bible stories, and doesn’t mind looking at the stories they learned about in Sunday school from a different angle. And so, I present for you here, Pastor Picard’s Bible Trading Cards. I will upload a few each week until all 46 have been uploaded. Enjoy!

~Stacy Picard