A Word from Our Pastor

Dear Friends at Trinity,
It’s already May (stating the obvious) and I have not yet been very verbose about that fact that this year – 2017 (also stating the obvious) – is being observed/recognized/celebrated as the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Well…I’m not that big on anniversaries. Just ask my wife.

On October 31, 1517, Dr. Martin Luther nailed to the church doors of Wittenberg his legendary 95 Theses, and the Reformation got going.

What’s it all mean to you? It should mean free beer if you bring an authentic, German stein to your favorite beverage-dispensing establishment. But, curse them, it doesn’t! We should protest against that. That would merit the label – Protestants.

What else does the Reformation mean to you, besides being deprived of your God-given right to free beer? It means we have to do something to recognize this event. If I don’t do something to draw attention to the historical event called the Reformation I could lose my license as a Lutheran pastor. I’d have to get a job on the basis of my other best skill-set – professional dancer (stating the obvious).

So – not that I am always looking to do the bare minimum – I have assembled a modest collection of literature about Martin Luther and the Reformation, and Lutheranism in general, which are semi-handsomely displayed in the rolling red bookshelf in the dining hall area. I thought – red for Reformation. That’s as far as I got with the frills and decor. The greater portion of these books are my personal belongings. I tell you that not because I am worried about being robbed. I figure, at this point in my life, the more stuff I lose or get rid of, the less my children have to deal with after I am transported back to the home planet. Also, as I am not overly fond of my children, I plan to encumber them with as much of my junk as is possible. So, if you borrow a book, please return it.

As for further Reformation-type excitement…stay tuned. I plan to unveil the autumnal prospectus for Chew & Chat in which I will be dealing with our church & othersand how all this came to be; especially focusing on the Reformation. I know – it doesn’t sound exciting, but did I mention that I will be dressing up as Martin Luther? Also, I will be delivering the lectures in German. Well…not actually German. I don’t speak German. But I will use my best Colonel Klink accent (ie. Hogan’s Heroes). Bring your steins. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have bratwurst and sauerkraut one week.

Anyway – I would like the whole congregation to feel welcomed. This isn’t just for kids. It’s not just kid’s stuff. But it is for kids too. I’m persuaded that the new model for instruction in the future will have to be multi-generational. The day of the segmented classroom is passing. You don’t have to believe me about that. But I am right. The electronic revolution is revolutionizing our lives. With equal access to and exposure to information, the lines between childhood & adulthood are blurring. Like it or not, that’s how it is.

In fact, some have said that this revolution is one of t he two great information reformations of the world’s history. The first was from the oral-world to the world of texts; a shift that interestingly coincided with the Reformation and allowed it to occur (ie. Johann Guttenberg’s printing revolution). Now the written word & literacy are being replaced and sociological changes will follow; one of which is the diminishing idea of childhood.

Well…that’s for another day. Come to Chew & Chat. You’ll love it!

In Christ,
Pastor Picard