August 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

The closed circuit TV’s in the fellowship hall and choir loft are now operational. Anyone who would like to attend Divine Service but is reluctant due to the close confines of our nave may utilize this feature; please just contact me and let me know.

I would like to thank you all once again for your cooperation in notifying me if you are not able to attend services. I apologize for the few times that texts did not come through.

It would be easier for me if you would notify me directly. Somehow my wife’s phone number has been circulated as a contact number. We even had out-of-town guests get a hold of her number as opposed to mine. While she has been good about relaying messages to me, it would be simpler to cut out the middle woman and avoid possible miscommunications.

I will be meeting with the Elders in August and discussing future plans as we move forward. Please remain patient with us as our situation seems to continue to change weekly according to the various sources of information we receive.

Overall, I think that we can remain very thankful at how admirably our congregation has responded to these circumstances. I know that I am. Our Lord’s Word is received along with His body and blood, which is the essence of what the church’s business is.

Please consider expressing your thanks to Mrs. Todd, who has taken on the additional responsibility of playing a third service for us.

I know that this situation seems as though it is dragging along slowly. Trials always feel interminable as we find ourselves in the midst of them. But these things pass. And when we arrive at their end we are able to look back and say that not only did we survive it but, hopefully as well, we learned something.

Once again, I offer my services to you should any of you — who are uncomfortable with returning to Divine Service just yet — desire communion to be brought to you at your home.

In Christ,

Pastor Picard