October 2023

What do I have to do to put you behind the steering wheel of this beautiful automobile? That’s what the salesman says, isn’t it? I’ve never fancied myself much of an advertising guy or a promotions
person, but I’d really like to sell you today on Wednesday morning Bible class. Let me tell you why.

You see, it’s my contention that the church is, generally speaking, a profoundly under-utilized entity.
Take, for example, the Divine Service. Here is a weekly opportunity for you to reorient yourself within a
confusing and contentious world. In addition to this – you get a pastor. You get someone who will listen to you and assist you; counsel you with the finest advice available all at the low, low price of – free. You don’t have to check with insurance to find out if he’s in network. There’s no deductible. Nothing. It’s just free.

Another thing that the church has to offer is – a community; a support group; a safety net – and all that you have to do is to invest yourself into that community in advance so that when you need to withdraw some of those dividends, there’s enough and then some.

That brings me to Bible class. It’s not just learning about the Bible. Heck, I don’t know that much about it
myself. But I aim to find out more about it amongst friends. The companionship is half the treat. I worry about people getting lonely and being isolated. Our society does that to people. Ours is a discard society.

I’m not worried about cramming anybody’s head full of Bible facts, or making semi-professional
theologians out of anyone. I want you to be blessed by being a part of a community with a common bond. I want you to be enriched by the company of others. If that happens then we’re not just learning about Jesus – we’re doing Jesus, because that’s what He’s all about.

Take advantage of an opportunity to be something other than anesthetized by a society that uses, dismisses, sedates with entertainment, and throws away. Be somewhere where someone cares where you are when you’re not there.

What do I have to do to put you behind the steering wheel of this beautiful opportunity?

In Christ,
Pastor Picard