What About Arms?

So why don’t any of the characters in the Bible Trading Cards have arms? Is it:

(a) Because with his busy schedule, Pastor Picard doesn’t have time to draw arms on people.

(b) Because Pastor Picard’s first girlfriend didn’t have arms, and it is a tribute to her.

(c) Because Pastor Picard forgot to take the arm drawing class in college.

(d) Because one evening, upon coming home from a date with his wife, Pastor Picard discovered that his five children had spent the evening drawing original superheroes without arms. (I mean, if you are Fart Man, why do you need arms, anyway?) Inspired by his children, Pastor Picard took up the challenge of drawing his characters sans arms. And he says it is a challenge–it is easier to draw people in action with arms than without.

If you guessed (d), congratulations! You are correct! Now that the mystery is solved, you can go back to reading the Bible Trading Cards.